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      Process Facts & Figures

      "PIMS": Product Information Management System

      • Developed internally by Spectra for Spectra, our PIMS system provides important data to the operator at each station, including recipe information and non-conformance history.  
      • Digital pictures of every issue are taken and stored.  Accountability by the Operator is ensured through diligent following of the PIMS system.

      Easy Alloy Selection and Specification

      • Computer controlled flexible scheduling

      Billet Scrubbing

      • To reduce contaminants in the end product

      Largest Billet Length Variance Known

      • 300mm to 1300mm

      Tapered Billet Heating

      • For uniform exit temperature (Isothermal), consistent temper and profile dimensions

      "Short Stroke" Press Design

      • Not readily seen in North America but accepted as the finest design
      • More rigid structure due to closer platens
      • More consistent tooling performance
      • Improved delivery performance

      Quick-Change Container with Pre-Heat Ability

      • Multiple heating zones (isothermal)
      • Multiple cooling zones (isothermal)

      The Best Extrusion Exit Quench System Available

      • Rarely seen in North America
      • Water quenching with over 100 hp & 800 gpm 
      • Air quenching with over 325 hp & 114,700 cfm
      • Computer controlled, customized to the profile, data-logged and recipe based
      • Recipe based and data-logged every second for full traceability
      • Patented droplet size
      • Air & Water - get both!

      Double Runout and "Passing Pullers"

      • Extrusions cooled under tension
      • Reduces twist and bow and/or scratches between cavities

      Extra-wide Batching Table

      • Reduces chance of material contact and scratches

      Automated stretching

      • Camera controls from both ends

      End Flow Age Oven

      • Indirect burner tubes provides the ultimate in uniform heating